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Francoise Lamy

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Known for their dynamic audio/video performances and their innovative use of video sampling and remixing, audio/visual artists Addictive TV have played in over a staggering 50 countries.  Their supercuts include everything from movies to music concerts and even sports footage!

When it comes to AV remixing, the duo have been at the forefront of the scene for over a decade with their winning mixture of bootlegs and commercial material.  Having worked with Pioneer on the development of DVD turntables back in the day, plus officially remixing movies for nearly all the major Hollywood studios as alternative trailers (including the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire) and even remixing the Olympics live for television, Addictive TV have certainly broken new ground over the years. 

They’re still innovating and pushing boundaries today, currently working with Native Instruments on the testing of new software for their performances. Their new project ‘Orchestra of Samples’ is now touring.  The duo filmed improvised recording sessions with over 200 musicians in more than 25 countries, from West Africa to South America and across Europe. They then sampled this unique archive to produce visual music, fusing all manner of instruments and styles to create a virtual supergroup of international artists who never met but play together on-screen as a music whole.

“Addictive TV create the perfect integration of audio and visual
technologies in their thrilling live show” THE HUFFINGTON POST

“Ingenious and compelling” THE TIMES

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