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First published by Centre for Cultural Value, 2 December 2020

Cultural policy responses to Covid-19 – UK and international perspectives
The Centre for Cultural Value have just published some new resources giving an overview of cultural policy responses to Covid-19 both in the UK and internationally. 
Cultural policy responses in the UK
Do you want to know more about how government cultural policy across the four nations of the UK responded to the pandemic?
This policy review by John Wright examines different policy responses in the UK and reflects on how these measures might shape the future of the cultural sector.
Social security for cultural practitioners
How have different countries supported cultural practitioners during the Covid-19 pandemic? What social security support is available and how effective are these schemes?
Our policy review by Rachel Johnson outlines different national approaches in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and the UK and looks at emerging evidence.
Webinar - international cultural policy in the wake of Covid-19
We were really excited to be joined by over 250 of you at our first webinar a couple of months ago, which we hosted in partnership with the British Council.
The webinar draws on our recent research and reflects on how cultural policy might be reshaped and reimagined in a post-Covid-19 future. A recording is available to watch now.
Contributors include Professor Franco Bianchini (Centre for Cultural Value), Ian Thomas (British Council), Dr Rachel Johnson (University of Leeds), Moira Sinclair (Paul Hamlyn Foundation) and Chenine Bhathena (Coventry UK City of Culture 2021). 

Photo: British Council / Oona Doherty, Hard to Be Soft. Photo by Luca Truffarelli 
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