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How do I submit content to CAN?

To submit content, you first need to register for a user account on CAN and then log in to the site. You also need to create a profile for yourself or your organisation as your post will be attributed to this profile.

Choose an appropriate listing, such as "News" or "Opportunities" and click on the link in the main site navigation. You can also post content to: Projects & Events, Training & Conferences, Workshops, Library, Classifieds and Funding.

Scroll down the page until you see the "Add" button in the sidebar. Click on the button.

Complete the form and click the "Submit" button. Note: fields marked with a (*) are required. N.B. to submit content, you must have a profile. If you do not have a profile click here for guidance on how to create one.

You will first need to select which profile you wish to post on behalf of. Most members only have one profile (for their primary company or organisation). However CAN allows a single user to create additional profiles so that you can post on behalf of several companies or organisations that you are involved with.

Important: if you do not see any options under the "Post as" dropdown, then you have not yet created a profile for yourself or your organisation to post as. You should do this first and then follow the steps above to post your content.

Your post will be queued for review by a CAN moderator. Once approved, it will appear on the site under the appropriate listing page. It will also appear on the site homepage under the "Latest posts" section.

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