Creative and Cultural Response to covid-19

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Our local creative and cultural offer is up against an unprecedented challenge which has cancelled events, performances and gigs, closed museums and galleries, halted screenings and cut audiences and communities off from experiences and opportunities designed to enrich their lives.  Experiences honed by teams of people who make these opportunities come to life.

Already many are responding to the challenge to ensure that creativity and culture stays alive by harnessing social media and digital applications.  This recognises the fact that creativity can play a role in maintaining a sense of community, spurring optimism, and providing an outlet for expression and connection at a time of social distancing and self-isolation. 

CAN offers a platform for information sharing on advice and ideas that, during the current situation, could support individuals and communities.  Where we can’t physically gather, we can connect online, share experiences and opportunities, and experiment with new ideas in response to our circumstances.  

In the coming weeks CAN will look for creative responses to covid-19 and share them via the website, newsletter and social media. We also welcome creative individuals and organisations using our platform to share what they’ve discovered.

To get things started here’s a brief summary of some of the happenings and opportunities springing up in response to the pandemic:

The above list is not exhaustive. Keep adding to this, buy sharing what you or others are doing. 

To share your own practice, updates or ideas for creatively keeping people connected during social distancing click here for instructions

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