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Cambridge 2030  aims to unite the Cambridge community to fight inequality and create a more equal and inclusive city. Within the City the discrepancy between the highest and lowest earning neighbourhoods extends through all areas of life, affecting social mobility, educational attainment, employment opportunities and even life expectancy. Cambridge 2030 aims to bring together the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to identify and plug gaps in provision and resources in the city.

One initiative has been the creation of a series of podcasts looking at inequality in Cambridge and the action needed to mitigate the growing gap between those benefiting from the City’s world status as an academic and innovation hub and those living in poverty with low academic and employment outcomes. The podcasts feature interviews with a number of people connected with Cambridge 2030 and people from the local community, offering comment and opinion on the current situation and what needs to be done to reduce inequality. Michelle Lord and Robert Porrer were interviewed for their perspectives in the podcast to be issued on 21 January.

The podcasts commenced on Tuesday 12 January. To access these, use one of these links:
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Check out Episode 4, 'Culture and Human Capital': "Cambridge has the UK’s greatest social inequality; disadvantaged children are in a social mobility ‘cold spot’. Studies show that access to arts and culture can make a radical difference in improving academic attainment, mental health, transferable life and work skills, and levelling the playing field for disadvantaged students but children from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to participate. In this episode we talk to Michelle Lord, Senior Arts Development Officer at Cambridge City Council, and to Robert Porrer, school governor and Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts. We also hear from Ryan Kelsall, Deputy CEO of the Eastern Learning Alliance, and from Sam Fox, Principal of North Cambridge Academy. This podcast series, Cambridge – in pursuit of equality, is brought to you by Conscious Communications. Cambridge 2030"
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