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Professionals and organisations in the creative and cultural industries are challenged with extremely difficult circumstances and decision making, in response to the covid-19 pandemic. 

CAN offers a platform for information sharing on advice and ideas that, during the current situation, could support local creative and cultural services and providers.  

In the coming weeks we’ll seek out and share information that could be useful during this situation, and in the spirit of community and shared responsibility we welcome individuals and organisations to use our platform to do the same. 

Whilst we’re in uncertain times, there’s opportunity to pool a resource of information and ideas; giving our local creative and cultural industries the best possible chance to survive the wide and unforeseen impacts of the virus on the communities we serve and inhabit. 

We’ll begin with a summary of published response by support organisations. Some organisations share links to financial solutions and further advice; click on the following links and delve deeper. This list is not exhaustive, if the organisation that supports your field isn’t listed here, let us know and we’ll make sure to keep an eye on future updates from them:

Creative Industries Federation - Click here for their response.

Film Hub South EastClick here for their response.

AN Artists Information ServiceClick here for their response.

Musicians Union - Click here for their response.

Association of British Theatre Technicians - Click here for their response.

Museums Association - Click here for their response.

Please note that the guidance linked to above is in the context of creative and culture sectors response to the current circumstances.

For medical advice in response to covid-19, refer to:

For government guidance in response to covid-19, refer to: 

If you want to share your own updates click here for instructions.

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